Are Esports a Real Sport?


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Collegiate varsity esports programs have been on the rise. Esports are competitive video games. This can be anything from 5 v 5 teamwork games, to 1v 1 strategy games, or to battle royale games like PUBG. 

Esports have been on the rise at the collegiate level. According to, in July of 2016 there were only there were only seven college varsity esport programs, but by 2018 there were 63 institutions. This shows the growing interest in esports. 

The growing interest in esports has led to a heated debate over whether esports are a sport or not. Although esports are competitive and strategic, they lack one fundamental aspect of sports. They lack the physical struggle of sports. 

Many people don’t think sports have to include physical exertion, but according to google, the definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Competitive sports involve skills and involves competition against another team, however they just don’t have the physical exertion. 

Eric Anderson, a junior at BHS, says, “esports aren’t a sport because they don’t require the same skill, strategy, and physical effort as other sports.” This is true: esports don’t require the same physical skill as other sports.

Some people may argue that competitive video games do require physical exertion from moving your thumbs and fingers. However, compared to other sports this is nothing. Other sports like football require 50 yard sprints and tackling other players. Due to competitive video games lack of physical exertion it is not a sport. 

Even though I don’t think esports are a sport they still require a lot of skill and effort to play. Nothing should be taken away from esports, but I still don’t think they are a sport.