School Shootings Are A Huge Problem

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

School shootings have become a huge source of sadness in America. According to the Cable News Network (CNN), there have been 45 school shootings in the first 46 weeks of 2019. That means on average there has been a school shooting every day this year. School shootings have become a very common occurrence. 

The most recent school shooting happened on November 15, 2019 in Pleasantville, New Jersey. It didn’t happen during school hours. Instead it happened during a high school football game. Two minors and an adult were injured. 

The second most recent school shooting occurred one day earlier on November 14, 2019. It happened in Santa Clarita, California. Two students passed away and three were injured, and the shooter passed away the next day in the hospital from a self-inflicted shot. 

That shooting happened just last week, which is very recent. A school shooting had happened in Baltimore just three days earlier at Achievement Academy High School. In total there were six school shootings in one week of mid-November. 

The oldest school shooting this year happened on January 2, 2019. These shootings have happened at a multitude of places all over the country. 

Of these shootings, 32 of the 45 school shootings happened at buildings serving kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. That means they have happened in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. 

In October there was a span of six days where four school shootings occurred. That means there was a schooling shooting once every two days. This is a huge issue in America right now. 

This frequent occurrence of school shootings is part of the reason most schools like Beavercreek City Schools conduct Alice drills. Andrew Radford, a junior at Beavercreek High School, said, “They helps us prepare for school intruders.” Alice drills are active shooting drills that involve barricading the door and evacuating. Beavercreek has participated in a lot of these Alice drills.