Holiday Concerts and Shows


Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

The holidays are finally here! November is already coming to a close with Thanksgiving just around the corner, and it’s time to start getting ready for Christmas. There’s nothing that will get you in the Christmas spirit like a holiday concert, and there are several coming up.

The Beavercreek show choir has a “Snow Choir Spectacular” on December 14th at four and seven p.m.  This performance includes the high school and middle school show choirs. These performances include their competition shows along with a christmas song and several classic Christmas songs to get you in the Christmas spirit. For this concert, there will be a small ticket fee for those who wish to watch.

The bands at Beavercreek also have Christmas concerts to get people in the Christmas spirit. There will a Christmas band concert on both December 3rd and December 4th with different bands. Because there are six different bands at the high school, three bands perform on each night along with some special performances in between. Each band will perform a few regular concert songs along with a christmas tune. Both of these concerts will start at seven p.m.  There is no payment for those who want to watch these concerts.

Jacob Macdonald, a junior at the high school, said, “I think watching the concerts would definitely help to get you in the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holidays.” All of these concerts are great opportunities to get into the Christmas spirit and to get yourself thinking about what Christmas means to you. You should think about attending to both support the students and to enjoy a good musical performance.