MSA Club Starts Strong


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

This school year marks the beginning of the new Muslim Student Association club.  The MSA club met a few times at the end of last school year but they have really gone into action with the start of this school year.  

The Muslim Student Association club is lead by Sarah Khobaib with Ibrahim Ahmed as the vice president, Danya Ghussin as the secretary, and Ricky Turner as the treasurer.  The MSA club has come up with many goals that they would like to accomplish this school year. A few of these goals include raising money for donations, promoting an educational outlook on Islam, participating in volunteer activities outside of school, and clearing misconceptions about Muslims.

The MSA club’s mission statement is “the Muslim Students Association at Beavercreek High School exists to represent the Muslims at BHS, clear misconceptions, create connections with the student body, teach about Islam, and promote interfaith dialogue.”

The MSA club meets every other Thursday after school in Mr. Ahrns’ room.  Make sure to pay attention to the announcements though because this meeting schedule might change to Tuesday or Wednesday.  In past meetings the MSA club has read chapters of the Quran, brought in speakers, done a Q & A session, and taught people the arabic alphabet.

In January, the MSA and Culture club are jointly having a culture day where students will choose a country, bring a cultural item and dish that represents that country, and then present it.  After presenting the different countries, everyone will be able to enjoy food from all the areas of the world and learn about different cultures.

Sarah Khobaib, the president of MSA, states, “being a part of the MSA club has allowed me to teach other people about Muslim values, and the support from other people has made me feel so much more welcome in the student body.”  She hopes that everyone will come to an MSA meeting in the future.