Best Part of the Holidays – Family

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

As the holiday season is now in full swing, everyone is looking towards their favorite parts of the holidays.  For many, the holiday season means presents. This could be giving presents to others or receiving presents from Santa Claus.  I would argue that the best part of the holidays is being with your family and making memories that come from being together.

Most people don’t have particular connections with each holiday, but everyone has a connection with Christmas and the season that comes with it.  The reason for this connection with the holiday season is because of all the memories that people make with their family and friends at this time.  No other holiday gets people as close together as the Christmas holiday.  

Along with all the memories made during the holiday season comes all of the holiday traditions.  Every family has its own holiday traditions that they look forward to whenever the holiday season comes around.  These traditions add to the wonderful memories made with families, and they increase connections to the holiday season that make it such a special time of year.  

For those that argue that presents are the best part of the holiday season, I can’t blame you.  Presents are very fun to give to others and also to receive, but the true holiday spirit comes by making memories with your family and loved ones.