Drive Safe During the Holidays

Drive Safe During the Holidays

John Rick, Inside BHS Editor

Driving during the winter can be very dangerous, especially when it snows or rains.  Here are some tips to make driving in the winter easier. Many of these tips can be found at 

First, you should make sure your tires are properly inflated. Also, don’t mix radial tires with other tires. 

Next, avoid heating your car up in a garage or closed area. You should also try to avoid using your parking brake in winter weather. 

Try to leave a little bit earlier than you normally so you can drive slower. If you leave earlier, you will have extra time to scrape off your car and start your defrosters. Make sure your car is completely cleared before you leave!

In order to avoid skidding, avoid irregular driving maneuvers and avoid cruise control. While you are driving keep a sharp lookout and try to spot areas that could cause skidding. If you find yourself skidding, get a firm grip on the steering wheel while easing off of the accelerator. Then turn your wheel in the direction you want the front of the car to go. 

Everyone stay safe during the holidays!