Writer’s Corner is Here

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Writing is an important part of everyday life no matter how old you are or what phase of life you are in. It can help you apply for a job, get accepted into a college or send important emails. It can also help you to make exciting stories and ideas. Well, if you are looking to improve these crucial skills, Writer’s Corner may be a good club for you. 

Writer’s Corner is a club at Beavercreek High School that meets twice a month on Fridays in Mrs. Russ’ room after school. Anyone is welcome to the meetings who wants to come and they are very open to new members. In these meetings they work on stories and do writing prompts. Often they will also have snacks at these meetings for the people who show up.

Another interesting thing in Writer’s Corner is the annual contests they hold in the spring. They hold both a writing contest and an art contest for those who are more interested in art than writing. The writing contest includes both a poetry division and a short story division. The art contest includes a drawing, photography, and mixed media division. 

Sarah Khobaib, one of the members of the Writer’s Corner, said, “Writer’s corner gives me an opportunity to practice my writing skills and talk to my friends. We are having a writing contest in 2020 that everyone should enter.” 

If you want to know more information about Writer’s Corner or the annual contests you can look on their website (writerscornerbhs.weebly.com).