Will We Have a White Christmas?

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com

Photo Courtesy of flickr.com

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

There’s something special about waking up on Christmas morning and seeing a light snowfall with several inches of snow on the ground. Songs like “White Christmas” have encouraged us to look for snow on the ground and hope for a white Christmas every year. I’m sure many of us are wondering whether we are in for a white Christmas this year or not. 

Sadly, this year the answer is probably no. As of right now, weather stations are predicting a high of forty-eight degrees and a low of only thirty-nine degrees. Additionally there is only a twenty percent chance of rain on Christmas so a snowy day is not likely. 

This information isn’t encouraging, but don’t worry too much. Christmas is still the same whether we have snow on Christmas or not. The family will still be there, the traditions will still be there, and the meaning will still be there. Maybe we will get lucky next year and enjoy a white  Christmas.