Should Winter Break Be Longer? – No

John Rick, Inside BHS Editor

Winter break is 16 days long this year. That means you are missing 10 days that normally would have been school days. This break serves as a time for students unwind and take a break from the stress of school. 

I do not think break should be longer. Winter break is already two weeks long this year. That is enough time for families to travel over the holidays. It also is a long enough break for students to relax and destress. 

If students are out of school for any longer than 16 days students will probably forget a lot of what they learned first semester. A longer break might also cause students to get out of school habits which could cause students to suffer when they get back. 

Finally, if winter break is longer then school will end later in the summer. This year we get out on May 22 which is earlier than we usually do. I would rather have this length of winter break and get out May 22 than have a longer winter break and get out of school later.

For these reasons I think that winter break should not be longer.