Wildfires hit Australia

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Over the course of the past five months, devastating fires have ravaged Australia, with nearly 200 bushfires still burning across southeast Australia.  Thousands have been left homeless, and many in rural areas have spent many days without electricity and drinking water.  

Recently, there have been many different setbacks that have made it significantly harder for firefighters to put out the fires.  One of the most severe setbacks has been a giant plume of smoke that has been hampering air operations. This smoke has come from the fire that roared through the logging community and started 75,000 tons worth of wood chips on fire.  This could make putting out the fires take an extra few weeks.  

Another recent setback to putting out the fires is the climate change in Australia.  There has been record high temperatures of 107.4 degrees and a severe drought over the past few weeks and it is making the fires significantly stronger.

Junior Elisebeth Baxley states, “It breaks my heart to hear about this tragedy. My prayers to them.”  Similar to Elisebeth, many students have said they have been praying for the Australian wildfires to stop.  Make sure to keep checking the news for more updates on the story.