Boys’ Basketball Looking Forward


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Beavercreek Boys’ basketball season is currently in full swing.  With an even record of five wins and five losses, the varsity team members feel like they could do even better.  There have been many very close games lost in the fourth quarter with final scores that end with Beavercreek barely losing by fewer than five points.  With that said, more wins for the team in the future could definitely be a possibility. With thirteen games left, certainly a lot is still up in the air on how this season could end up.  

Overall, the team feels like they could definitely bring in a lot more wins during this second half of the season than they did the first.  The team remains very optimistic and junior Braden Grant states that “It should be up from here.” As the team looks forward to the end of the season, they hope for a good seed in the tournament.  Braden Grant says that the team “should be able to end with a winning record and have a good seed for the tournament.” Tonight the team is facing Miamisburg and expects to win, giving the team a winning record.  Make sure to stay updated with the boys’ basketball for how they do in the remainder of the season.