Introducing Model UN

Introducing Model UN

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Beavercreek High School has lots of cool clubs, but one that you might not know about is the Model UN club. Model UN is a fun club that meets once a week on Fridays for an hour. Around thirty to forty people are in the Model UN club this year.

In Model UN, you spend each week preparing for the convention, where you will be put in different committees and propose resolutions to try and get them moved up to higher committees. Once they get higher up in committees they can eventually be passed. The whole convention is very official and formal. These conventions last several days and they are between many different schools in the area.

Students in the Model UN club said that they like being in Model UN because they like to meet new people from other schools and make new friends. They also said that it teaches you a lot about the world’s problems and possible solutions to them. It’s a fun high school experience for those who are able to do it.

Ana Andary, a junior in the Model UN club, said, “Model UN is a great experience that I look forward to next year.”

Mr. Schaadt is the advisor for this club, so if you wish to learn more about Model UN, talk to him or one of the members of the club.