What is on the March Levy?

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

This March, Beavercreek will have several different issues on the ballot for the people to vote on. There are two very important issues that relate to the schools and the amount of money they receive.

The first levy is an operating levy. This levy will give the school money for day-to-day operations such as transportation costs, utilities, classroom supplies, salaries. This levy is a renewable levy that will be voted on again every five years. This levy will cost $215 ($17.92 per month) for every $100k of property valuation. This will raise lots of money for the schools.

The next levy is a Permanent Improvement Levy. This levy was originally passed in 1989, but it needs to be renewed in order to stay active. If this levy passes, it won’t raise anyone’s taxes, it’ll just keep the ones that were already there. This levy will pay for capital improvement projects, maintenance and repairs of school property and certain equipment items that are designed to last five years or more. For example, these funds can purchase technology, heating and air conditioning systems, roofs or other facility upgrades.

One of the juniors at Beavercreek High School, Madelyne Syphus, gives her opinion on the school levy: “I think that supporting these levies is a great way to increase the quality and the budget of our school district.”