What Teams Are Going to the Superbowl?

What Teams Are Going to the Superbowl?

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

After the divisional round, the conference finals are set. In the NFC, the Packers will travel to Levi’s Stadium to play the 49ers on the road. In the AFC, the Titans will travel to Arrowhead stadium to play the Chiefs on the road. So far the playoffs have been very exciting with a lot of upsets and a bunch of close games. 

The Titans have been the darkhorse of the playoffs. They beat the Patriots on the road. The week after they went to Baltimore and beat the underfeatable Ravens. This ended the Ravens twelve game winning streak. The key to the Titans success has been their running back, Derrick Henry. Henry in the playoffs has gotten over 180 yards every game. He has accounted for a lot of the Titans offense even though the Titans have played two very good defenses.

I don’t think the Chiefs will be able to stop Derrick Henry, and I think he will continue his terrific performances. Also, the Titans have a lot of momentum after beating the Patriots and the favorite team in the playoffs. I think the Titans will beat the Chiefs because of Derrick Henry and their momentum. 

I think the 49ers will win the NFC Conference Finals. They have had an amazing season, their defense is one of the best in the league, and they have a good rush offense. However, if Aaron Rodgers can play like himself and if Aaron Jones has a good game I think the Packers could win. I think the 49ers will most likely win, but I could also see the Packers winning. In my opinion, the Superbowl will be the Titans against the 49ers.