Take advantage of NHS Tutoring

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Do you need help with any schoolwork?  Are you confused about how to do some of your homework?  Do you want someone to peer edit your essay for a class? Well all of these problems can be fixed by going to NHS tutoring any morning of the school week.

NHS tutoring is set up by the Beavercreek National Honors Society to help out students in the school.  Every morning, starting at 7:30, at least three members of the Beavercreek National Honors Society will be in the NHS room, room 1026, in the math hallway.  These NHS members can help you out with any schoolwork that you might be having trouble with. This could include any math or science homework that you might be having trouble with or it could be an essay that you don’t feel confident on and you want to get peer edited. 

The tutors during the first semester are the senior members that are in NHS.  During the second semester, the junior members take over the tutoring. No matter who it is that is tutoring, they are there to help you with whatever you need any morning of the school week, so come on down to the NHS tutoring room.

  Junior Jesse Torkornoo used NHS tutoring a lot during his freshman and sophomore years of school and he states that “it was helpful because the tutors explained the concepts more in depth.  They did better at explaining it more and they gave me lots of practice. They were also very friendly.” Make sure to take advantage of this great opportunity before the year runs out.