The Art of Telling a Good Story

Sarah Khobaib, Student Journalist

Speech and debate is an extracurricular school activity which combines public speaking, the art of argumentation, and acting to form a “sport”. Students participating in the sport of speech and debate put in an enormous amount of mental and academic effort to succeed in their categories. Examples of these categories include declamation, dramatic interpretation, humorous interpretation, informative speaking, original oratory, congressional debate, public forum debate, and United States extemporaneous debate. There are over fifteen different events, so it is almost guaranteed that everyone will find something they enjoy!

Currently, Beavercreek High School’s Speech and Debate team consists of over thirty people. It meets every week on Monday after school from 3:30 – 6:00 PM, where the team discusses upcoming tournaments and adjustments to its pieces. Historically, its students have almost always placed at every competition, bringing  trophies home at each event. All of the strenuous mental and verbal effort they put into their pieces is absolutely worth it, especially after they are awarded with the exhilarating feeling of performing, as well as inevitably spending quality time with their friends. Anjli Ramharakh says, “Speech and debate is a fun challenge and ever since I joined I’ve become more comfortable with public speaking.”

The National Speech and Debate Association has created guidelines for its events, ensuring that each state follows the rules with fair conditions. Students develop skills that will greatly benefit them both during and after high school. For example, they learn about research, critical thinking, organization, and communication. These skills will surely assist the student, no matter what his or her individual career choice is. They will also allow him or her to effectively interact with others by functioning well under pressure, managing time well, and, ultimately, telling a good story. And who doesn’t love a good story?