Come to Culture Day

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

The Muslim Students Association and Culture Club are holding a Culture Day next week on Wednesday, February 5th in the BHS commons. This event will last from 3:00 – 4:30 PM. At this cultural day people are asked to bring a cultural food and item to share with other people so that we can experience different cultures.

At this event you can talk about other cultures and learn about how other cultures are different than your own. This could be a unique learning experience for all who come and participate.

One of the members in charge of the event, Courtney Knight, said when talking about the event, “You can branch out from your own way of life and experience and learn about others.”

Some types of food that you can bring to this event are Indian, Mexican, Italian, or Russian foods. If you have any more questions then contact Sarah Khobaib, Courtney Knight, or Hadiya Ray. Also talk to one of them if you would like to sign up for the event. We’re so excited