Introducing BHS Ultimate


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Did you know that the Beavercreek high school had an ultimate frisbee team?  Well now you do. The Beavercreek high school ultimate frisbee season will start up mid-February and go all the way until around May.  Anyone can join so don’t be afraid to come and play.

The Ultimate Frisbee team started up in the 2016-2017 school year with Mr. Moore as the coach.  Although many assistant coaches have switched over the years, Mr. Moore has remained the head coach of the team.

On average, there are normally 25-30 people that end up on the team with there being an A team and a B team decided part-way through the season after a few games have been played.  When these A and B teams are decided, they face other schools’ A and B teams. Throughout the season, the teams face around ten other schools and usually face each team twice during the season.  The teams practice on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week from around 3:15-4:30 with most of their games on Sunday afternoons.

At the end of the season if the team has enough wins, the team will go to a state tournament.  The seed they get for the tournament depends on the amount of wins they got during the regular season.  

Junior Isaac Leighninger, a previous member of the BHS Ultimate team, says, “Everyone should try Ultimate frisbee.  Ultimate is a great sport for making new friends and it helps you stay in shape.” Make sure to check out the BHS Ultimate team!