Scheduling is Soon

Scheduling is Soon

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

We are almost half way through the third quarter and getting closer every day to the end of the school year. You may feel that there is still a lot of school left, but scheduling for next year is already beginning to start. 

Scheduling is very important because it determines what classes you want to take for the next year. You need to make important decisions about what difficulty of classes you want to take, what electives you want to take, or if you want to take a study hall or not. These decisions are crucial to your education and your future for the next year.

It is important when thinking about your scheduling to think about how hard you wanna push yourself. You always want to be sure to be improving and pushing your learning process, but it’s crucial that you don’t pack on too many hard classes so that you can’t handle it. You don’t want to ruin your year by being stressed all year.

Michael Fauber, a Junior at BHS, said, “I think scheduling is an important part of high school. You need to make sure not to schedule yourself too many hard classes.”

Next week we will have meetings with the counselors to learn more about scheduling, so don’t worry if you are still confused. If you still have more questions, the counselors and teachers are always very kind and willing to help.