Worst Super Bowl Ads Shown

Sarah Khobaib, Student Journalist

Everyone knows the Super Bowl to be the biggest annual sporting event in the United States. People celebrate it by getting together with family and friends to watch it on television at home or in restaurants and bars. What makes the Super Bowl particularly popular are all the commercials. As we know, there is almost as much anticipation for the Super Bowl ads as the game itself. The advertisement spaces are highly desired and companies pay huge amounts of money to air their ads.

Given the overall popularity of the night, people often view the worst Super Bowl ads as the most boring ones. “It’s whoever can fit the most celebrities into a 30-second advertisement,” said Dylan Manguiat. For example, everyone in the 1990s knew the comedian Jay Leno, and back then, celebrities were often used to promote junk food. But seriously, how could anyone think that a 16-second clip of Leno eating Doritos in a kitchen and talking about how much he liked them was Super Bowl commercial material? Just watching it makes you yawn.

This year, two of the ads were quite unusual and boring. “They were bland and humorless,” said Ava Andary. A Snickers commercial featured people of different ages going through everyday actions, then leaving their houses while singing a song. They all arrived at an enormous hole, where a gigantic Snickers bar was dropped in and claimed to ‘solve’ all their problems. The second ad, featuring Avocados from Mexico, described people using avocados in a[ctivities such as biking and camping. While its intention may have been to be ‘dumb funny,’ it seemed outright dumb with no purpose. “Avocados from Mexico was just stupid. It was too fast and too confusing for normal viewers,” said Ben Albrecht.  Nonetheless, not all of the commercials were bad. Amazon portrayed a spectacular commercial with its Alexa featuring Ellen, and Google showed a heartwarming commercial featuring its Google phone.