Best Superbowl Commercials

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Over the years, commercials for the Superbowl have become more and more hyped up.  Some years the commercials from the Superbowl are talked about for weeks to follow while other years the commercials from the Superbowl are quickly forgotten.  Here are some of the most popular commercials from this year’s Superbowl.

  • Smaht Pahk
    • The Smaht Pahk was a commercial with Chris Evans, John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch discussing Hyundai’s new park assist feature. Junior Ben Albrecht said that he really liked this commercial, stating, “It uses a lot of celebrities.  It was funny because they were all using their Boston accents.”
  • Snickers Hole
    • The Snickers Hole commercial is about how the world can be fixed by feeding it a snickers.  Junior Shivan Bahl states that “It shows the problems of the world that can be solved with a snickers. And it’s hilarious.”
  • Loretta
    • Loretta is a commercial advertising the Google Assistant that really pulls on your heartstrings.  Trevor Ross states that “It was unique. It was a tear jerker. You could learn more about him by paying attention to the commercial”