How to Avoid Getting Sick

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

During this time of year everybody seems to be getting sick.  This year especially has appeared to be one of the worst years for sickness in a while.  Recently, Centerville schools had to close school for a day because so many teachers were out sick. After interviewing with the school nurses, here are some important suggestions that they give to prevent yourself from getting sick:

  • “Wash your hands”-  The school nurses say that “Hand washing is the key to preventing getting sick.”  If everyone would just wash their hands more effectively and more often, then the sickness in the school would drastically reduce.
  • “Stay at home if you’re ill”-  Although it may seem simple, this is a big way that sickness becomes pervasive.  If you are feeling poorly, just stay home to stop others from getting sick from you.
  • “Eat well, get rest, drink plenty of water”-  All of these are simple, but effective ways to stay healthy.  Do the best you can to do these every day.
  • “Cover your cough”- Many people are clear offenders of this when they cough right into their hands and then keep going about their day as normal.  You need to cough into your elbow like you were probably taught in elementary school and it will fix a lot of problems.