Super Bowl Halftime Show Surprises

Super Bowl Halftime Show Surprises

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Every year the Super Bowl is a huge event with hundreds of thousands in attendance and many more watching at home on their televisions. This year the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs dueled it out with the Chiefs narrowly winning in an exciting comeback. Many people don’t watch the Super Bowl for the game but for the halftime show instead.
This year the features of the halftime show were Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. There were also guest appearances by many smaller artists such as  J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Lopez’s daughter, Emme Muñiz. 

These performances have overall seen lots of views and have lots of people talking about it, but not all of the comments are good. While some critics praised the performance other critics considered the performance to be vulgar. Although the performance received lots of popularity, it received a high amount of backlash due to some of the aggressive dance moves they did and the very revealing outfits they were wearing.

Here are some opinions from students at Beavercreek High School:

Aine Fitzgerald said, “It was spectacular. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.”

Hannah Worst said, “Shakira was really something.”

Jonah Warren gave his opinion. He said, “It was interesting.”

Madelyne Syphus said, “Shakira is a pretty good dancer”

Sophie Haun remarked, “I liked it when Shakira went blblblblbl.”

As you can see there are some pretty mixed responses on the show from people in our high school, but overall this halftime show made for an interesting performance and one that will be remembered in the future.s