Interesting Elective at BHS

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Now that we are deep into the third quarter, scheduling for next year is already something that we need to start thinking about. There are so many classes to take that you might be a little confused about what classes are, who teaches them, and how they will affect your schedule. 

One class the people may not think about is forensics. The forensics class is taught by Mrs. Ahles who is a biology teacher at the high school. Forensics is a semester class and there are four classes of it over this year. 

In forensics you learn cool things like how to read fingerprints and understand trace evidence such as hair or fingernails. You also learn how to analyze different blood types and ballistics from bullets to help you learn how to analyze crime scenes. You also learn how to analyze different skeletons and figure out what gender they are.

Mrs. Ahles, the teacher of the forensics class, said, “In forensic science we learn things that students have never learned before and the things we are learning are used in the real world.”

If you have room on your schedule for the next year, make sure you consider taking this forensics class in your schedule.