Which Girl Scout Cookie is the best?- Samoas


Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookie season because you can order some delicious cookies. For just four dollars a box you can soothe your cravings and support your local Girl Scouts. 

Although all Girl Scout are good, samoas are clearly the best option. They are a perfect combination of caramel, coconut, and chocolate. These ingredients lead to a great mix of crunchy and chewy that satisfies your taste buds. 

Samoas are well liked around the school. Emelye Sandberg, a sophomore at Beavercreek High School, said, “Samoas are the best girl scout cookies ever.” People around Beavercreek High School love Samoas.

Of all Girl Scout cookies 19 percent of boxes bought are Samoa boxes. That is almost one fifth of all purchases. There are seven different types of Girl Scout cookies and Samoas are the second most popular cookie behind Thin Mints. Thin Mints are 25 percent of purchases. 

I think we need to get Samoas to the top because they are clearly the best Girl Scout cookie. At only 150 calories per serving you can get the tasty goodness that is encased in a Samoa.
This Girl Scout cookie season make sure to show your support for the Samoa and purchase a few boxes.