Tagalongs Are the Best Girl Scout Cookie


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Girl Scout cookies are one of America’s favorite treats. The most popular girl scout cookies are samoas, tagalongs, and thin mints. Tagalongs are easily the best cookie out of these and all girl scout cookies. The crispy chocolate and peanut butter taste is a delight to your taste buds. 

Tagalongs are the only girl scout cookie to have peanut butter, which greatly enhances it’s flavor. No other girl scout cookie has the great peanut butter taste that tagalongs have. This great taste makes it hard to put the box down. 

Tommy Otten, a senior at BHS, says, “Tagalongs have the most exquisite combination 

of both peanut butter and chocolate in a perfect melody providing its consumer with the best 

possible eating experience one can get from a girl scout cookie.” This excellent combination is why so many people love the tagalong cookie. Tagalongs appeal to almost all cookie eaters (except those with peanut allergies). They appeal to chocolate lovers as well as peanut butter lovers. 

Although all girl scout cookies are great, tagalongs are the best. They are the best because of their great combination of peanut butter and chocolate as well as its crispiness.