Check Out the Showchoir


Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Did you know that the BHS showchoir, Friends, is having one of their best competition seasons in school history?  With only four of their total of seven competitions finished so far, Friends has been awarded second place once and grand champion three times!  These three grand champion wins match the current record in the showchoir’s history of three wins in a season. Last year the group also got three wins and only narrowly missed beating the record,  but this year the season is only a little more than halfway over.

Although the group has won three of their first four competitions this season, the next three competitions will be far from easy.  In fact, these next three competitions will probably be the hardest of the whole season. But even though these competitions may seem daunting, the BHS showchoir is still optimistic that they could do well, especially with the next competition coming up this weekend at Huntington North, Indiana.  Junior Liam Utt, a member of Friends, states, “I think it will be close. I think we’ll get second during our daytime performance but win with our finals performance.”  

If you haven’t watched your award-winning high school showchoir yet this season, then make sure you check them out soon so you don’t miss your chance.  See them at their competition at Wapakoneta on April 4th or see them at their finale on May 8th!