Senioritis – A Growing Epidemic

Senioritis - A Growing Epidemic

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

At this point in the school year we are about half way through the third quarter and the end of the school year is getting closer and closer. Seniors are already starting to get lazier and do less of their work as senioritis starts to kick in. But is it too early for senioritis?

Senioritis is a made up affliction or disease that seniors seem to get when they are close to the end of their education. This normally causes them to feel lazier and do less of their work. Often this happens because most of them are very tired with school and most of them feel that the end of their senior year doesn’t matter because they are already in college.

However, senioritis can be more influential than you think. Students who begin skipping class or not doing their homework could end up receiving lower grades in their classes which could seriously affect their high school transcript. This could lead to the loss of scholarships and opportunities in the future. Colleges can even reject you if they see bad grades in your last semester even after they had initially accepted you.

Another important thing to think about is AP classes or classes that count for college credit. These classes require you to take a test at the end of the year to determine how much credit you get, so if you stop trying the whole last half of the year, you aren’t likely to do very well on your AP tests.

To summarize, senioritis is a big issue and it is important not to let yourself get sucked in, especially this early in the year.