Tweeting Away the Competition of Social Media

Two of the world’s most popular social media platforms include Twitter and Instagram. Both allow users to share pictures, videos, send direct messages and interact with their follower’s posts. Although Instagram has surpassed Twitter in users, Twitter has millions of more posts shared to the app every day. Instagram also limits users to posting only photos and videos, whereas Twitter allows users to post messages as well. 

Videos on Instagram are allowed to be one minute exactly. This limits the user to posting certain content down to one minute. When uploading videos to Twitter, they are able to be up to two minutes and 20 seconds in length. It may just be a slight difference, but it changes a lot. 

Any teenager who uses social media is aware that Twitter is more known for it’s hilarious content. Majority of Instagram comedy pages are just screenshots of Tweets that they posted on Instagram. Twitter is also used for news to keep its users updated on things like politics, natural disasters, sports, and celebrity buzz. The app gives the ability to retweet as well, meaning that a user can retweet someone else’s tweet, so it will show on their profile. Easy and convenient sharing. 

So for someone looking for an app with funny content and breaking news, Twitter is the answer.