Coronavirus is Spreading

Coronavirus is Spreading

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

Everybody knows about coronavirus or the Wuhan virus started in China and has spread to multiple areas across the globe. According to, 27 countries have been affected by the coronavirus. The United States of America is one of these countries with 15 confirmed cases of the virus.

Globally there have been 73,332 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Of those 1,873 people have died and 12,692 have recovered. This information can be found at 

Recently there were four people suspected of having coronavirus in Ohio, but they all tested negative. Ohio has not seen a confirmed case of coronavirus yet. The Centers for Disease Control says that the American public is at low risk of Coronavirus but they encourage people to avoid travelling to China. 

The symptoms of coronavirus might not show up right away. According to, they could appear two days after exposure or 14 days after exposure. Symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, but in the most severe cases it can lead to pneumonia or kidney failure.

The Coronavirus doesn’t seem to be a huge concern for the people of Beavercreek, but it will eventually affect so many people. Kaicheng Ye, a junior at Beavercreek High School said, ““I am a little worried about Coronavirus.” 

Be careful when travelling because you never know what could happen. For example, a cruise ship was shut down due to suspected coronavirus. The people on the cruise had to stay in their rooms until they could be flown home.