How to Study for the ACT


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

On February 25 BHS juniors will be taking the ACT, paid for by the school. The ACT is a very important test that can determine acceptance into college and students can earn scholarships. With a lot on a line, many students are wondering how they should prepare. 

There are lots of resources available when it comes to preparing for the ACT. has many tools you can use. They have a prep book available for purchase, online instructions and videos, and personalized online prep. All of these resources found on the ACT website are not free. However, these resources come directly from the organization that designs the test and is a great way to prepare. Doing well on the test can save you much more money in the future, so an investment now can save you a lot later. 

The ACT website also has free resources you can use to study. There are live and recorded webinars that can help you prepare and boost your confidence for the test. Other free resources include the study guide offered on the site and the practice for each subject. The study guide has a full practice test with answers. It also has a breakdown of the content in each section and other test-taking strategies. The website also has practice for each sections, which has practice problems with explanations 

Good time management is crucial for a good score. On the test you have to answer a lot of questions in a short period of time. To help you manage your time, it’s recommended you bring a watch that does not have an alarm. Also, you aren’t allowed to bring a smart watch. You can check what items you can and can’t bring on ACT’s website. The ACT’s website has many resources that you can use, so it’s a good idea to go there for studying.