Writer’s Corner Contest Ends Soon


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

The 8th Annual Writer’s Corner Writing Contest ends soon! Pieces are due Friday February 28, 2020 by 3 p.m. There are two categories, short fiction and poetry. Short fiction pieces should be 2000 words or less and poetry pieces should be 300 words or less. All submissions should be shared digitally to [email protected] no later than 3 p.m. on February 28. 

You are allowed one piece per category. Any piece in each category should have a cover page that includes the title, your name, your grade, your English teacher, and the word count of your piece. Short fiction pieces will be judged based on creativity, figurative language, flow, as well as character development. Poetry will be judged differently; poetry will be judged based on creativity, figurative language, flow, word choice, and content. 

Pieces should be typed, double-spaced and should be in 12 pt. Arial or Times New Roman font. Contestants should not put their names on the body of their piece. People scoring each piece will not know who the author is until after the scoring is complete. This will ensure fairness and will prevent bias. 

The Annual Writing Contest is run by Writer’s Corner. Writer’s Corner is a BHS club for students grades 9-12. They meet every other Friday to share writing and sponsor the contest. Writer’s Corner is a great club for people who love to write. Junior at BHS and a member of Writer’s Corner, Sarah Jackson, says, “Writer’s Corner is a positive, fun group of people who enjoy writing and being creative. It’s a great way to meet with other students in a casual setting who are passionate about writing. After Power of the Pen in middle school, I was sad to lose having that extracurricular experience, so going to high school and finding writer’s corner was really nice.” If you are like Sarah Jackson and love to write, you should consider coming to the next Writer’s Corner meeting on Friday, March 13 or visit https://writerscornerbhs.weebly.com for more information on Writer’s Corner.