A Preview of After Prom

A Preview of After Prom

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Prom is a huge event in high school for juniors and seniors. This event is really important to high schoolers and it’s a time for them to have fun with their friends. Another big part of prom is the after prom event. The after prom is an event where there are usually games and activities to do for anyone who wants to attend.

This year after prom will take place at the Wright State Student Union building. At the event there will be bouncy houses, escape rooms and other super cool activities. There will also be things like rock climbing walls, ping pong tables, and pool tables for people to use. Additionally there is also free food for anyone who comes.

Cooper Hansen, the junior class president and planner of this event, said, “This will be the best after prom ever.” He also wanted to urge anyone who is planning on attending after prom to follow the bcreekafterprom instagram. This account will hold more info about the event.

If you are planning on attending, it will cost somewhere around 20 to 25 dollars per person. We can’t wait to see you there.