Beavercreek Begins Construction


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

This year Beavercreek and Greene County approved a project to help make U.S. 35 safer. Dayton Daily News describes this project as making part of U.S. 35 into a superstreet. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation describes a superstreet as, “a non-traditional, signalized intersection that can provide more capacity than a traditional intersection.” Two of these superstreets will be made. One will be at the intersection of Orchard Lane and U.S. 35, and the other one will be at the intersection of Factory Road and U.S. 35. 

The project will cost around 15 million dollars. This was chosen over a project that would make interchanges at Factory and Trebein Roads. That project would have cost somewhere between 100-120 million dollars. Obviously the superstreet project is a cheap alternative to this. 

According to Dayton Daily News, “Greene County Administrator Brandon Huddleson said the project will result in more commuters and better traffic flow.” This project will hopefully result in less accidents and a safer environment.  

This project is not expected to be finished until 2022, so it will have an impact on traffic during construction. Lane closures for construction could very well happen. 

The Ohio Department of Transportation has also begun other projects to improve the safety in this area. They are planning improvements near Shakertown Road and also improvements for I-675.