Spring Break in the Creek

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

Spring break is coming up soon!  Many people decide to take this opportunity when they have no school for a week to go out of state and go on a vacation. Others choose to stay at home and relax for a week.  Some people would like to go and do fun things on vacation out of state but for various reasons cannot. Here are some ideas for what you could do for spring break if you are staying in Beavercreek:

  • Great Escape- You are sure to have a lot of fun at Beavercreek’s Great Escape Game.  You have an hour to accomplish an objective and escape the room!
  • Visit the Wright Patt Air Force Museum-  A lot of people in the Beavercreek area have surprisingly not been to the Air Force Museum.  If you’re one of those people, It is a great place to visit for free during Spring break.
  • Go Bowling- It is always fun to go bowling with family and friends, and Beavercreek has two great bowling alleys.  There is Beaver-Vu Bowling and Round1 connected to the Fairfield Commons Mall.
  • Throw Axes- Have fun throwing axes at the Wild Axe Throwing in Beavercreek.  You’re sure to have a great time experiencing something new.