Why Has Racial Discrimination Survived For So Long?

For many people in today’s society, racial discrimination is an everyday reality. This implies that the many centuries’ old belief that the color of the skin proves or disproves a person’s superiority has yet to be cast aside, as it is still imprinted in every part of the world. Ironically, this is not a belief we are born with. With innocent eyes looking around his or her environment, a child does not intrinsically view a person with a darker complexion as inferior. This belief must be taught, whether consciously or subconsciously. Each person mistakenly believes this to be the truth after being bombarded with this message over and over again throughout his or her life. Courtney Knight, a junior at Beavercreek High School, says “discrimination and racism has been perpetuated by the laws and systems of our society.”

Throughout history, people have spoken up against racial discrimination. Malcolm X, a true champion of the black movement, once said, “The black masses want to live in an open, free society where they can walk with their heads up, like men and women!” His words have a message for all of humanity. Underneath the color of our skin, we are the same. 

I am writing this as an American-born high school student with Indian ancestry. I know and understand the white American world through my schooling and friendships. There may be ignorance and prejudice there, but there is also compassion, justice, and humaneness. I am grateful to my parents and teachers who helped me to notice and understand racism and discrimination. I have made it one of my goals to stand up for injustice, as the inner core of each of us is absolutely identical and people should not be treated differently because of the amount of melanin they were born with.