Activities of the Beacon Staff- Preston

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

One month ago I would have never thought in a million years that I would be doing online school from home for the next month.  I also never expected to have an extra week of spring break.

The first week of the two-week break was great.  I hardly cared about the coronavirus since there were hardly any cases in Ohio, so I hung out with friends nearly every day.  We set out to create our own Olympics filled with any event we could think of. We had our opening ceremonies the Saturday after the third quarter ended for school.  Every day the following week we would meet up to do one of the twenty-eight events we had come up with. It was great for a couple days while everyone could hang out all the time and their parents didn’t care.  Over time, however, as the coronavirus became an even larger issue, our parents started to disapprove of us hanging out every day; only half of us could do the activities each day, so we decided to postpone the Olympics until a future date.

Originally our family had planned to go to Washington D.C. for the spring break week.  We kept saying that we would still go even when all the crazy things started happening with the coronavirus, but when all the museums shut down, we decided to bite the bullet and stay home.  That was when things really started to get boring. Every day would be a struggle to figure out what I wanted to do for that day. Luckily, Levi and Evan came home from college, and although they still had online classes every day, I could still hang out with them a decent amount.  

Never leaving home has been a very frustrating aspect of my life the past few weeks.  My brother Evan states, “I like being inside, but I know others don’t, like Levi.” This experience is definitely revealing the introverts and extroverts of the world.