Staying Busy During Quarantine


Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

With social distancing and everything shutting down, it can be hard to keep busy. This time is a great time to use your extra free time to exercise, get outside, and spend time with family. My mom, Lori Rick, says, “While everything has been crazy, it is good to have everyone home.” My brother, Michael Rick, also reflected on the situation saying, “Due to the pandemic I’m getting to enjoy much more time with my family then if I was still having to attend classes, which is nice.” Overall, this extra time has brought our family closer together.

At the beginning of my spring break I spent time with my friends playing in what we called the 2020 Spring Olympics. We made a list of 31 events and a point system. Throughout the first week of spring break we did each event one by one, but we only got through half of the events before social distancing was being encouraged. The group decided to “suspend the 2020 Spring Olympics indefinitely” until we can do it again. 

After the first week of spring break my mom encouraged me to get a job at Kroger because they are desperately looking for workers. I applied there and I got hired. I work in the clicklist, which is Kroger’s online shopping. This is my first job so it was a little rough at first, but after a couple shifts I got the hang of it. 

My family has been practicing social distancing by not seeing non-family members, but there have been some exceptions. For example, my brother, John, and I have gone running a couple times with a select few groups. Another exception is our neighbor who we have hung out with a couple of times. 

These are crazy times, but I’ve managed to make the most of it. I hope things will get back to normal soon and I hope everyone is staying safe.