Restaurants Close Due to Coronavirus

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

The coronavirus has caused almost all of our favorite sit-down restaurants to close down. After the Coronavirus outbreak calms down, the first restaurant I will go to is Olive Garden. I will go to Olive Garden first because it has great pasta and it also has its famous endless breadsticks. 

A sophomore at BHS, Jacob Mcdonald, says, “Olive Garden has great pasta and wonderful breadsticks to eat before I get my entree.” Olive Garden is known for its exquisite pasta and great italian food. Their pasta offers great taste and a filling meal. Despite being known for pasta, Olive Garden also has great soups.

Many people complain about the wait for their food at sit-down restaurants. At Olive Garden, this isn’t a problem because shortly after ordering your entrees a waiter or waitress delivers a warm batch of breadsticks. The breadsticks have garlic and butter, giving them great taste that makes the wait for your entrees less painful. 

The first restaurant I will visit once they start opening again is Olive Garden. I will visit Olive Garden first because they have great pasta, soup, and unlimited breadsticks.