I Miss March Madness


This is a copy of a blank bracket from last year’s March Madness. My family and I fill one out each year and compete to see who has the best bracket.

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Along with many things, coronavirus has taken away one of the most watched sporting events, March Madness. Normally around mid-late March, the world would be captivated with tons of thrilling basketball games featuring their favorite colleges. This year it was cancelled and March was simply not the same without it. A junior at BHS, Chase Bennett, says, “March Madness was one of my favorite sporting events around this time of year and it’s very sad we won’t be able to watch all the exciting games.”

March Madness is one of the things I miss the most out of the things that have been cancelled. I love all the thrilling games, underdog stories, and making brackets. Last year it was hard to stay focused in school because all I wanted to do was watch the games. 

Every year I fill out a bracket with my friends and my family. I always pick one of my favorite teams to win it all and have an underdog go far. This strategy usually doesn’t do well, but the brackets are still really fun, and I miss not doing it this year. 

I also miss it a lot this year because one of my favorite colleges, University of Dayton, had a great season and had an excellent chance to make a run in the tournament. They may not have as good of a team as they had this year for a really long time, so it’s sad it had to end like this. 

I really miss March Madness this year because it had so many exciting basketball games and buzzer beaters. I also love seeing the underdogs go far in the tournament and making a bracket.