How Kroger Has Protected Me From the Virus

Mark Rick, Opinion Section Editor

Working in grocery stores, hospitals, or working anywhere is dangerous with the COVID-19 outbreak. Luckily, managers have been taking action to keep their employees as well as their customers safe. At Kroger, we have taken a lot of measures to ensure the safety of everyone working there. 

Kroger employee and junior at BHS, Cooper Hansen, says, “Kroger requires all employees to wear masks to protect us from a crowded workplace.” The only time you are allowed to not wear a mask is in the break room. For workers, especially Clicklist workers, you may be very close to your coworkers and wearing a mask can prevent you from spreading germs from your mouth and nose.

At Kroger bottles of hand sanitizer have been placed around the store for employee use. This helps all the employees stay clean and keep germs off of our hands. 

To protect customers as well as employees, Kroger has implemented more regular cleaning procedures. For example, every night after closing, people clean the checkout lanes. They wash the places people frequently touch like the touchpad at self checkout. To protect employees, managers have been having people clean places employees regularly touch like the machine we use to clock in and out of shifts. 

Our managers at Kroger have been doing their best to keep us safe while not slowing down business. They also have been doing a lot to keep customers safe as well.