What’s Still Open?

John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

For a while now restaurants have been closed for sit-down due to the Coronavirus. Even if the store is closed for sit-down, it may still be open for carryout. Many restaurants have stayed open and have started only using carryout. Here are some of the restaurants that are still open for carryout. 

The Beavercreek Pizza Dive is still open for carryout. They also have curb service and delivery. This restaurant is a local business that mainly sells pizza. Their address is 4021 Dayton-Xenia Road, and their phone number is 937-431-8669. 

The Big Sky Bread is still open. They have curbside service available and only allow two customers in the store at a time. They sell bread, sweets, sandwiches, and pizza. Their address is 3070 Far Hills Ave. and their phone number is 937-643-0300. 

The Blueberry cafe is still open and has carryout still available. They are open 8:00 A.M. to noon everyday. They are also offering kids a free meal. Their phone number is 937-848-5900.  

Giordano’s is also still open. It is a pizza shop. Chase Bennett, a junior at Beavercreek High School, said, “I’m glad Giordanos is still open because it’s the best pizza in the area.”

Hopefully this information helps you find a place to eat during this quarantine.