Spring Sports Cancelled

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

As things developed with COVID-19, many people suspected that spring sports would be cancelled.  Many schools started calling off their spring sports, but other schools decided to hold on to some last hope that they could still happen.  Sadly, when Governor Mike Dewine announced that schools would not be returning to session for the remainder of the school year, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (the OHSAA) announced that all spring sports for high schools in the state are cancelled.  OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass states, “It’s a tough decision and it’s one that I and all the other Executive Directors of the other states never thought we would have to do. Never did I think this would be the case, but I’ve tried to be as prepared as I could every step of the way.”

It is certainly very sad to see all of these activities cancelled.  Many people have been looking forward to their spring sports season and they have been working super hard to prepare for it.  If they were a junior or younger, they’ll have to wait another year before they can play their spring sport again.  Junior Isaac Leighninger states, “Having my spring sports season cancelled this year is very disappointing. I was looking forward to my first year of track and making a push for a top spot in the state for ultimate frisbee. I’m excited for the fall season though.”  Sadly, the seniors lost their final year of participating in their spring sport.