How Music Teachers Respond to Quarantine

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

The recent pandemic we have all been facing has led to some very dramatic changes to how school’s need to teach. School is now almost entirely online and so it is hard for classes to have any sort of hands-on activity. This challenge is especially difficult for music classes because their work is almost always hands-on.

One thing that the band has tried to do to fix this problem is by creating music playing assignments that the students must do from home and take a video. Although they can no longer play together as a band, the students can still work to improve their music capabilities on an individual level. 

Mr. Strickland, one of the band teachers, posted an assignment that said, “Upload a clip of you playing 8 measures of anything you enjoy playing!” Although this assignment was very loose and simple, it got students playing their instrument and improving over this extended time away from school.

The music teachers have also been giving out assignments that require students to listen to performances by very talented musicians so that they can learn from them and find an appreciation for quality music.

Although it has been hard, the students are still learning and improving. Hopefully by the end of this we will have grown to be better than how we started it.