Greene County COVID-19 Update

Preston Hancock, Student Life Section Editor

It is impossible to go a day without thinking about how COVID-19 is affecting our lives.  We have been dealing with this crisis for six months and it feels like there is no end in sight.  The whole world has been adjusting to this new life so it almost feels like this is the new normal.  But what is the real situation here in Greene County?

As of September 13th, Greene County has 1,218 total cases of confirmed and probable cases.  There have been 898 people who have recovered and 25 total deaths.  From September 12th to the 13th, sixteen cases were confirmed and five people recovered.  Currently, Greene County is at an alert level 2 which means there is an increased number of exposure and spread of COVID-19 and people need to exercise a high degree of caution.  

Make sure you’re all safe during this crazy time!  For the latest information on Greene County Covid statistics, visit