Speech and Debate Starts Again

Emily Macbeth, Staff Writer

With the new school year many groups and clubs are restarting, including Speech and Debate. While the group’s attendance is the same as previous years, many of its participants chose the online option for school. This has led the group to host its practices completely online in order to keep everyone included with hopes of “blended” practices once a month. 

Luckily for the speech and debate Team, their events are easily turned into online events. According to Coach Danielle Burk this change allows for the team to “attend twice as many tournaments as last year and bigger ones as we don’t have to pay for transportation or hotels.” The new tournaments also allow for the team to see new and better competitors, which she believes will lead the team to perform even better at state and national events. While the situation is unfortunate, the team actually benefits from the switch to online events. 

The team faces some major differences this year due to their switch to online practices and events. Coach Danielle Burk said, “The best part of speech and debate is speaking in front of people,” so she is a little concerned that the experience will not be the same as in previous years. Despite the concerns, she still believes that the team will continue to have fun and their hard work will pay off this season. 

With their team motto “Always Better” in mind, speech and debate members plan to adapt to the changes this year and continue to succeed throughout their upcoming season.