COVID-19 Changes Eating Habits

AJ Houseknecht, Staff Writer

Ever since coronavirus shut down most of America, many food habits had to change with the fluctuating closure of restaurants. In the beginning, few restaurants were open, but as quarantine stretched on, carry-out became a common option for restaurants looking to stay in business.  

Many families in Beavercreek chose to order out, even if it meant getting take-out because it allowed them to support the economy and local restaurants. Between Chyanne Matlow, a senior at BHS; Ella Morales, a BHS junior; Lizzy Webb, a junior at BHS; and Nora Prhal, a BHS sophomore, a mix of fast food and doordash became far more common than home-cooked meals. 

For some families, the health risk of exposure to COVID-19 was too much to risk, so ordering food to their homes was the best way to go. According to Eli Thomas, a junior at BHS, “My mom is high risk, so we always are wearing masks whenever we have to go places, and not going to places that aren’t absolutely essential. We never went out to eat, but we frequently order food to our house.” Food habits have fluctuated throughout COVID-19, but no matter what happens, stay safe and wear a mask if you are going to eat inside or pick up your food.