Tenet Blows Away Audiences

Spencer Hancock, Sports Section Editor

Theaters were one of the first businesses to shut down when the Coronavirus hit the U.S. back in March, but many theaters are finally reopening their doors. There is one movie in particular that caught my attention: Tenet.

Tenet was released at the beginning of September, and it has done remarkably well given the circumstances. It has a very similar feel to many other movies by Christopher Nolan, the director of Tenet, including Inception, The Prestige, and Interstellar. 

At its core, Tenet is high speed action movie about a secret agent who embarks on a dangerous mission to prevent a world war. What makes this movie unique, however, is the idea of reverse entropy or the reversal of time. Unlike other movies which revolve around time travel, Tenet uses a system in which people or objects can travel backwards through time rather than just jumping to a different time period. This allows the characters to appear as if they are driving cars backwards or catching bullets rather than shooting them.

Overall, Tenet has received very positive reviews for its unique plot and complex characters, two attributes shared by many Christopher Nolan movies.  I would highly recommend this movie to anyone interested in heading back to the big screen after months of watching at home.