High School Hallmarks: COVID-19 Changes Everything

AJ Houseknecht, Student Writer

When BHS resumed for the school year, it was set in stone that there would be no homecoming, no prom, no student section football, no pep rally, and generally no student gathering. To put it simply, COVID decimated the 2020-2021 school year and all the fun hallmarks and events that came with it. 

For the underclassmen, COVID-19 mainly took away options for meeting new friends and socializing with other grade levels. The fun benchmarks like the first homecoming, first pep rally, or first football game have to wait a year, oftentimes taking social opportunities away too. 

In the upper classes, many students are upset that they cannot experience their senior homecoming, support their high school teams, or attend student events. Some seniors are hopeful, like Zainah Amer, who said, “Senior year has definitely looked very different than what I expected, without homecoming, football games, and the pep rally many of things we seniors looked forward to are missing, but hopefully in the future things like prom and graduation will make up for it.” 

Right now, the rest of this school year does not look bright; however, here’s one ray of sunshine: we will make history. We may not have a homecoming, a prom, or any pep rallies, but we are surviving COVID-19, so that must count for something.