Beavercreek High School Gets New Principals: Mr. Reynolds


John Rick, Inside BHS Section Editor

This year Beavercreek High School got three new principals. In this article we will learn about one of our new assistant principals. We will learn about Jay Reynolds our new assistant principal. 

He grew up in Beavercreek, Ohio, and went through the Beavercreek city school system. He currently lives in Beavercreek with his family. Before coming to Beavercreek High School, he worked as an assistant principal at Clinton-Massie High School. He said that when he saw the opening at Beavercreek High School he had to apply. 

Similar to Mr. Wren, Mr. Reynolds said that the biggest challenge for this year is, “The fear of the unknown.” Preparing for this year has been a huge challenge for the new principals, but they are glad to have students and staff back in the building. 

Hopefully you know a little bit more about our new assistant principal. Make sure to say hi if you see him in the hallway.